Friday, May 6, 2016

NUTRO™ Wild Frontier Dog Food - Review

We've been sampling new NUTRO™ Wild Frontier Dog Food ever since we opened the package that arrived at our door.

Here's Francesca nosing around the NUTRO™ Wild Frontier Dog Food
And then here's me!

NUTRO™ Wild Frontier Dog Food - Rolling Meadows Recipe Grain Free Lamb comes in a brown wrapper with a wolf on it. Maybe that means I’ll have the power of a wild wolf after eating it?

Both Francesca and I were really intrigued by the arrival of this package of healthy goodness. But since it was only a 4 pound bag, the decision was made that I, Cinnamon, would be the lucky one to try it.

Rolling Meadows Recipe Grain Free Lamb has real lamb as the #1 ingredient. I’ve been eating chicken for a long time and so having lamb was a real treat. Besides,  Francesca has enough energy without eating a special dog food!

I'm always in competition with Francesca!
I noticed that there is no grain, wheat or rice in this kibble. It’s all veggies and protein. They also put in vitamins and minerals. I need all I can get to keep up with Francesca, the three year old.

So we poured it into my bowl. It looked and smelled good. And it tasted good too. I looked forward to having another bowl in the morning, that's for sure.

It looks pretty good in the bowl and it tasted good too.
At The Nutro Company, they have a long history of making pet food — since 1926, in fact. And from the beginning, they have focused on pet nutrition. I like that. Sure, I want to fill my tummy but I also want to feel healthy.

If your dog has any problems with grains or rice in food, you might give this a try. Check out the Buy One, Get One Free offer.  And let me know if you feel like a wolf, OK? I'm still sampling the food and I feel like a healthy Coonhound.
Healthy Coonhound, Cinnamon

Love, Cinnamon

More Information
Nutro Natural Choice Website

Note: As is common in the pet blogging industry, the writer was provided with a complimentary dog food  for the purpose of review. While it has not influenced this review, the writer believes in full disclosure of all potential conflicts of interest.

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