Monday, May 23, 2016

Bye Bye Whitley... You were a great friend

A dog blogger friend of mine, Whitley Westie, passed over the Rainbow Bridge. But she was a real character right until the end. While she couldn't spell, she entertained all of us with her good Westie humor and her costumes. And, today, friends are dressing up for her. Now Francesca and I don't like dressing up... but for Whitley, who always commented on our blog posts, we gave it a try.

Here's Francesca all duded up for Whitley
Here I am with a hand made scarf on. Just for Whitley
Yeah, we look sad in the pictures but we aren't too sad for Whitley. She's over the Rainbow Bridge where she can run free and breathe free and see all the dog bloggers who have gone on before her. We hounds just don't like putting stuff on!

So here's to you Whitley! We did it!

Love, Cinnamon and Francesca


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I have always had a problem getting scarves to do just right. You two have just the right touch and Whitley would approve of the style too
    Hugs madi your bfff

  2. How sweet for you gals to dress up for Whitley. I always enjoyed her comments. RIP Whitley!

  3. I'm like you guys, I just cannot do the fashionista Whitley justice. I think you guys did a great job though! I'm a bit sporty but I miss her so I wanted to be part of this special tribute too....

  4. Fanks for dressing up for Whitley!

    1. Cinnamon says you are welcome, even if you are s Gato!

  5. Thanks fur pawticipatin' in da blog hop in honor of my BFF, Whitley... it means a lot to our family....

    And whuddya mean she couldn't spell so gud?? Bol, bol!


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