Thursday, January 14, 2016

I am NOT Stupid!

Hi. It's me, Francesca. I'm feeling much better now but still have to take antibiotics. I have enough energy to go to the dog park and have fun. We went yesterday and we went today. Today was WILD!

We drove to the dog park at Washougal. I had never been there before so I got really excited. I didn't know what to do first... visit the dogs or find a squirrel tree. Of course, being a mighty hunter, I started with the latter.

At the Washougal dog park there is one huge lone tree. I figured squirrels must be in that tree so I ran like the wind (Cinnamon taught me that saying) over to check it out. As I ran, I imagined what the squirrels would be like. They would be big, furry and grey. And they would be jumping from branch to branch. I visualized one of them falling. I visualized me chasing that squirrel and...

Francesca the mighty hunter.
So by the time I reached the tree, I had worked myself up into a frenzy. I ran all around the tree barking. I looked up into the branches expecting at least 10 squirrels to be frolicking. Then I tried to climb the tree to get a better look.

I barked and jumped and nothing happened. No squirrels! So then I climbed up on a nearby bench figuring I'd be a couple feet closer to seeing a squirrel.... nothing.

At that point I saw some dogs looking at a hole by some berry bushes. So I went over to investigate. I was sure there was something really good in that hole. They gave up but I decided to investigate. I had to go through some berry brambles to get to the hole. My owner said, "Don't do that, Francesca... that's a stupid thing to do!" I listened to her and backed out of the thorny bushes.

All of a sudden I heard a man say, in his booming voice. "If Francesca thinks there are squirrels in that tree she must be STUPID!" Me, stupid? Well, he doesn't know me. I'm very smart. Smarter than Cinnamon, in some ways. I'm manipulative too.

So I decided to go over to the squirrel tree and start barking again to show him how smart of a hunter I was. After that I ran over to a pile of XXXX and rolled in it. I thought I was so smart!

Once we got home, I was invited to take a bath. Now I don't like baths, but after rolling around having such a great time I had earned the bath. I kinda forgot about that when I was rolling around.
I'm not STUPID, but I AM clean! What a day!

I am not sure I want to go back to that dog park. I was called stupid and then earned myself a bath... all in one day.

Love, Smart Francesca

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  1. Sounds like an exciting day, except for rolling in a pile of XXXX !!


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon