Sunday, January 24, 2016

Dog Park Races, Here we come! (video)

Sometimes I appreciate the dog park even more after being holed up in the house during the rainy season. Well, today, I looked outside and saw a bit of blue sky and sunshine. It was a great day for the dog park!

So our owner opened the back of the car and we jumped in... Francesca in her crate and me in the back. Dog park express! Off we went.

When we got there, since it was Sunday and not everyone goes to church, the parking lot was pretty full. As soon as we got out of the car, about five dogs met us at the gate, barking and making annoying aggressive sounds. It's like that at the gate. I hate it! Well, except when I'm the one on the other side annoying the newly arrived dogs!

So we trotted and ran. All of a sudden Francesca spied a friend... it was Suzy! She was in a pack of about four dogs. She high tailed it (easy for her as she has the longest tail in the world) over and started to annoy everyone. Finally Susy took off running. Francesca was in hot pursuit. Now the object of the chase is not to win, but to run like the wind after the first dog. Francesca did a great job, forgetting that she had pneumonia not so long ago!

Here's a video of the chase!

I ran a little bit but stayed out of their way.

Love, Cinnamon

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