Monday, February 2, 2015

Vancouver, Washington Renaissance Trail: Tidewater Cove Open Again!

Here I am waiting to start the walk.
I was so excited. Today we were going to walk on the newly re-opened Tidewater Cove section of the Vancouver Renaissance Trail. Last time I was there, the trail was still closed. I looked at the storm damage and wondered if it ever would open again.

But today, the new, wide, concrete trail was OPEN. We walked with our friend Walking Wendy and the rainclouds parted for us. We started our walk at the Vancouver Water Resources Education Center. There were some kids from the Battle Ground Schools cleaning up the trail (just for me, right?).

We kept walking past the kids (they all thought I was cute!) and headed out on the new section right along the Columbia River. That was the Tidewater Cove part. There were new plantings and new rocks shoring up the land leading to the Mighty Columbia River.
Hre I am on the new part of the trail.

We walked along and went out on the point where Kelley's Bench is. I didn't rest on it this time but I considered taking a break because the sun was coming out. It was actually warm.

Then we kept walking to the end of the trail. I got to go on the beach by the river and sniff around. We hiked along the beach and then back up to the paved trail.

It was a beautiful day. The humans complained that the restrooms weren't open but that didn't bother me one little bit!

Any kind of a beach is a good beach in my book!
I was just happy to have MORE TRAIL along the river.

Love, Walker Cinnamon

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  1. Oh Cinnamon - You're so lucky! It's below zero here in Vermont. It's been snowing for days - a real Nor'east Blizzard. But I think you'd like to romp in the drifts - if your mom put on those cute rubber boots that keep my friends' feet protected from the ice and salt.. Glad your trail is all fixed up.. How's the weather out there now? woof!


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon