Sunday, January 11, 2015

On Country Clubs, Parties and Gifts

I was surprised. I was shipped off to my country club without much notice. Usually I know something is up because my owner is packing things and filling my food container to the tippy top. Often there are bags lined up in front of the garage door.

But this time not much was happening except she was cleaning house. So I was really surprised when she motioned to me to jump into the car. It was just me and a half container of food. What was up?

And I jumped in the car. We headed east down highway 14 toward Washougal.... It was either the dog park or my country club. When we headed into the hills I knew it! ..... I was going to my country club! I hoped there were some friendly dogs. Once I encountered a snappy dog. I didn't like her and we ended up biting each other!

This is what was going on at my house when
I was at the country club.
We drove through the elegant gates, down the drive lined with manicured lawns and trees. Ah, the country club. I was looking forward to playing with some upscale dogs or maybe even getting a spa treatment. Naaa.... those are too much like baths!

The regular receptionist wasn't there. I heard she was on vacation. But the young woman remembered me and called me by name. She was one of the staff there who fed us, led us to our private rooms and took us out to play each day. I was happy to be there.

So I had a wonderful time and wasn't really ready to go home when my owner came to pick me up. I had just been playing with a fun black labrador retriever when they came to get me. "Your Mom is here, Cinnamon." (my owner really isn't my mom... she's my adopted mom).

Here I am opening my gift.
It matches my lovely pink collar!
When I got back home I was in for a real surprise. The furniture was all askew and it smelled like people (both strangers and friends, I deduced after sniffing around). And I could smell food... sandwiches and snacks. Hmmmm. I think I missed A PARTY!

While the dog's away, the owner will play, it seems. A big party happened and I WASN'T INVITED!

I wanted to go outside and bury my new rawhide.
But my owner nixed that!
See how clean the rug is?
While my feelings were a little hurt, I felt much better after I was handed MY PRESENT! One of the guests had thoughtfully brought me a housewarming gift. I carefully opened the paper. IT WAS SOME RAWHIDES! Yippee! I didn't have any and was dying to try them.

They weren't easy to gobble up like treats. Hmmm. This was something different. I tired of knawing on my new rawhide and decided to go out in the yard and bury it for future fun. But my owner wouldn't let me do that. The house was all clean and she thought muddy paws would not be a good idea. So I hid it in my toy basket!

So I missed a party. I can handle it. I had a pretty good time playing at my country club. And I didn't even get into a fight this time!

Love, Cinnamon

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