Tuesday, July 18, 2017

We have Beach Cousins!

Francesca told me to expect special visitors. She can sense these things. Me? I wasn't all that excited. It seemed like most visitors came and went and didn't really visit with us. They wanted to visit our owner.

So we were very surprised to find out that our visitors were coming all the way from Florida and were flying their own plane. Our owner told us she was headed to Pearson Field to pick them up. And, then we found out that they were our "Beach Cousins." Now we have "Country Cousins" who live in the same state as we do. We didn't know that we also had Beach-type cousins and that our beach dog cousin was named Reina. I started to get excited, too!

This is the airport where my Beach Cousins landed.
I wasn't invited to go to the airport to greet them. I was told there wasn't going to be much room in the car. Jeesh. How many were coming?

I waited and waited and then my owner arrived with two girls... and I was told there would be more! Of course we got excited. Both girls greeted us but were hungry for lunch so they started making sandwiches.

After lunch, and after the rest of our Beach Cousins arrived, things started to happen... good things! Mary, the youngest cousin, started playing with us. She knew all sorts of things we would like to do... tug of war, ball throwing, and toy hunting. We played a lot!

Mary played with us every day.

Sometimes they all went sightseeing. But we always looked forward to Mary coming back because, no matter how tired she was, she'd play with us!
Mary knew how to rub my tummy.
We had a great visit but one day they said it was time to leave. They said they wanted to come back because there was so much more to see and do. But I think they wanted to come back and see me and Francesca.

These are my Beach Cousins from Florida
having fun at OMSI
So over my objections they did fly home. I sure miss them. I especially miss Mary who knows how to play with dogs just right!

Life just isn't the same without Mary
Love, Cinnamon

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