Friday, April 17, 2015

On Packages and Deck Colors

Hi Guys:
I haven't written much lately because I have been busy with my new package and with a visit from my Country Cousins.

Firstly, I got an interesting package. But what was inside, was TOO BIG FOR ME! Fortunately, the company is a good one and will exchange the item. More later on THAT!

But then, the big news. My country cousins, sans canine companions came  to town. I always love to see Tom and Glenda as they spoil me mucho! But this time they had a mission. THEY WERE GOING TO CHANGE MY BACKYARD!

Well, you know how I avoid change. When they started putting a treatment on the deck I was appalled. I was wearing my pink collar and THE DECK LOOKED HORRIBLE WITH MY COLLAR! Of course they didn't ask my opinion, so there is the new deck.
Tell me the cedar color of the deck looks good with my pink collar. Ugh! Not!
Then they started putting lattice up on the fence. MY FENCE! This is where I carefully scare the squirrels. Now that there are TRELLISES ALL OVER THE SQUIRRELS CAN GET INTO THE YARD EASIER. Arrrgghh.

Why doesn't anyone talk to me about changes. I HATE CHANGES!

But it was fun seeing Tom and Glenda and getting all of that attention!!!

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  1. Hmm, I think da deck needs to be repainted to your specificayshuns.


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