Monday, April 3, 2017

After the Utah Mighty 5 Tour All We Got Was a Bath

Our owner went on a tour of Utah's National Parks, the Mighty 5 they call them. We didn't get to go. We went to Running Pond Acres, our Doggie Country Club. Now I like that but was looking forward to when our owner returned and brought us TREATS and GIFTS!

So she returned and we were happy to be home. But no TREATS and GIFTS materialized. Hmm. She brought out her souvenirs, five Mighty 5 refrigerator magnets:

Dogs don't care about Refrigerator Magnets
She had a great time and should have brought us something. But she didn't!

So today she got out our old treat box and invited us in to.... TAKE A BATH! I wasn't expecting that. But both Francesca and I were pretty good about having our baths knowing treats would follow. And, it was a sunny day to dry off in the back yard. So all we got from her trip was a BATH!

Here we are all clean and fluffy!
So that's all the excitement for the day!

Love, Cinnamon

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