Monday, September 28, 2015

Francesca hacks into Cinnamon's account and tells all!

Hi it's me, Francesca. Cinnamon is out sunbathing so I came in to do some writing. Bwahaha! I am doing MY OWN WRITING! I want to tell you all about that middle aged goody goody, Cinnamon. She's a piece of work, I tell you!
This is what I do when my owner is not in the room!
First of all, she forces me to write in HER STYLE. I like to write with my own voice, as they called it in journalism school. Yeah, I went to college but dropped out to run the streets with my homies. When I write something, Cinnamon's all... "You have to re-write that and correct the grammar!" Screw her. No one wants to read her perfectly composed little blog posts! My friends are like... "Write something cool, Francesca... and we'll read the blog every day!"

Well, I thought I'd tell you how I ended up on a 40 ft. tie out leash in MY OWN BACKYARD! It's all Cinnamon's fault. This is what she did. So there was this squirrel in one of the trees that hang over my back fence. (Actually they are just rats with fuzzy tails) and Cinnamon starts howling like a country coon dog (which she isn't). I was new at the house so I figured that was what we were to do.... act like idiots when a we saw a squirrel. So that's what I did.

Cinnamon would start baying and I would start barking. So then she'd stop, knowing our owner would come out to quiet us down. But I didn't know that so I would keep barking and get in trouble. Meanwhile Cinnamon would just stand there and smirk. What an a_s!

So then it got worse. Cinnamon knew that I was a Treeing Walker Coonhound so she said... "Go get the squirrel, Francesca!" And I did. I looked up in the tree and then summoned my superdog bouncing powers and bounced myself over the 6 ft. back fence. Cinnamon howled and howled so, of course, our owner came out and got all upset.
Here I am summoning my superdog bouncing powers!
I found my self in the neighbor's backyard. It was fully of peanut shells, but no squirrel. I got in trouble. I got leashed up and marched right back home.

The next week Cinnamon did it again. "Francesca... go get the squirrel, she said!" So, again, I got really bouncey and, you guessed it... over the fence! This time Cinnamon barked the alarm and then the wimpy little dog in the neighbor's yard started barking too. He sized me up and threated to call his gang members to get me. My owner came over and apologized to the neighbor with the wimpy gang dog and I was glad to go home. (The wimpy little dog was throwing gang signs)

So, since my owner is afraid to upset the neighbors, she went to Petco and bought me a 40 ft. lead for when I am loose in the yard. Of course she checks on me to make sure I don't get tangled up or anything but I've resigned myself to being a prisoner in my own yard while Cinnamon, the b_t_h, goes free. She's all... "you deserve it Francesca!"

So that's the truth. It's all Cinnamon's fault. She's not all sweet and nice like some people think.

Oh oh, here comes my owner! I'd better get off the computer...

Love, Cool Francesca, who tells it like it is! #realfrancesca #cooldogblogger


  1. Oh my Francesca! I'll be looking forward to your blog when sweet Cinnamon finds out you hacked into her account! You'd better start behaving yourself!!

  2. Ya can never trust someone who's got good grammar, BOL!

  3. Cinnamon sez: BOL yourself Whitley!


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon